10.8-inch iPad leaked with iPad Pro features


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus models seem assertive in the tablet market with their features and design. However, Apple is also preparing to respond with the new iPad series products it will soon release. Details about the tablets expected soon are not as many as in the iPhone 12 series. In fact, there are confusing information at some points, for example, there are some tips about iPad that will offer the features found in more expensive tablets at a cheaper price point.

Different claims and opinions are made about which iPad models we will see in the coming months. However, expectations are high on the iPad Pro and iPad mini side. Others suggest that a 10.8-inch iPad will come instead of the 11-inch. There are different opinions on whether this will be the iPad Air 4 or a new iPad that will be offered at a cheaper price point.

Recent rumors regarding the iPad Air 4 point to a new design. This tablet will resemble the iPad Pro in terms of design, but will retain non-Pro features. For example, we will still see Touch ID, but the fingerprint reader will be placed on the power button at the top. Apple is said to include the USB-C port in the next generation iPad Air model.

The 91mobiles site also contributes to these rumors and leaks. He published some information and illustrations about the cheaper 10.8-inch iPad model. Interestingly enough, the site suggests that this tablet will host Face ID instead of Touch ID. When we consider the expected price, there will be doubts about the accuracy of this. The presence of the USB-C port also indicates that Apple can ultimately turn to this port entirely in the iPad series.

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Whatever happens, leaks from the user manual or these iPad 2020 drawings we’ve seen should not be firmly believed. There are still not many leaks regarding Apple’s next generation tablets, but as the official introduction approaches, what we can see and hear about tablets will increase.


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