1 thing that we already know should happen in “Cold Heart 3”

Although “Cold Heart 3” has not yet been officially announced and there is no information about what its story might look like, one thing should happen based on the plot of “Cold Heart” and its development in “Cold Heart 2”. Although Anna’s voice actress Kristen Bell jokingly announced “with zero authority” during an interview in June 2022 that there would be a “Cold Heart 3”, no official news has actually confirmed this. However, since six years have passed between the release of “Cold Heart” in 2013 and the release of “Cold Heart 2” in theaters in 2019, it is possible that “Cold Heart 3” will eventually be announced, especially since many stars of “Cold Heart” have said they are ready to return for the third part.
“Cold Heart” introduced the main characters and told about the journey of Elsa (Idina Menzel), where she accepted her powers and her place as the queen of Arendelle, offering a convincing, full-fledged and satisfying story. Instead, “Cold Heart 2” is built on the world of Anna and Elsa, offering some backstory to the story of their parents and Elsa’s magical powers. Despite the fact that “Cold Heart 2” is still focused on two sisters, Elsa and Anna have developed as independent characters, demonstrating their full potential as themselves, and not just as two sisters supporting each other. The ending of “Cold Heart 2” took them to where they needed and always wanted to be: Elsa was finally able to learn more about herself and her powers, free from the expectations of the duties of a queen, and Anna as the queen of Arendelle, the role for which she was born. She has always had exceptional people skills, caring for her subjects, and a penchant for formal royal roles.
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No matter how “Cold Heart 3” develops the stories of Anna and Elsa, there will definitely be another jump in time. Three years have passed between the end of “Cold Heart” and the beginning of “Cold Heart 2”. What happened between the films is detailed in books, short films, and one special LEGO holiday miniseries; each offers a glimpse into the world of Frozen. Anna and Elsa’s travels in both “Cold Heart” and “Cold Heart 2” took place over several days, so it makes sense to visit the sisters after another significant period of time.
What the time jump in “Cold Heart 3” will mean for History
In the finale of “Cold Heart 2”, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) finally asked Anna (Kristen Bell) to marry him, so “Cold Heart 3” could show a couple in their marriage. Kristoff has already been appointed as the Official Host and Ice Deliverer of Arendelle at the end of “Cold Heart”, and since Anna was crowned Queen of Arendelle in “Cold Heart 2”, it is likely that he will have more roles as Prince Consort. Whatever their new life turns out to be, Sven and Olaf (Josh Gad) will definitely be there, who never left them even before Elsa decided to divide her time between the Enchanted Forest and Arendelle.
The development of Elsa’s character in both “Cold Heart” and “Cold Heart 2” largely revolved around her attempts to accept and understand herself and her desires. While “Cold Heart 3” may finally become the canon of Elsa’s LGBTQ identity, one thing it will definitely continue to explore is her connection to magic and her path to self-acceptance. The fact that Elsa decided to give up her role as queen in favor of Anna reflected not only her knowledge of her sister, but also Elsa’s willingness to finally listen more to herself and her desires and perhaps even better understand the origin of her magic and reconnect with her mother’s legacy.
If “Cold Heart 3” came out, there would potentially be a lot of stories to explore. While waiting for the official announcement of Disney, you can take comfort in knowing that the sequel will contain a time jump. This will allow for a better understanding of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and the rest of Arendelle and Northuldra, which makes “Cold Heart 3” a sequel that may not be released anytime soon.