1. The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 5, the Line makes Serena’s Joy Much Worse


The trailer for season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale is similar to the preparation for the prize fight between June Osborne and Serena Joy Waterford: one phrase makes Serena seem even more dangerous than before. A brief preview gives viewers a brief glimpse of Serena, who first publicly mourned her husband, Commander Fred Waterford, and then rose to greater fame and power with the support of her newfound followers. The commercial promises that the upcoming battle is inevitable and will be epic.

The Handmaid’s Tale is based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel about life in Gilead under a totalitarian theocracy that replaced the United States after the birth rate crisis and the outbreak of the Second American Civil War. The plot and scale of the TV show went beyond the scope of the book, and the show’s organizers consulted with Atwood throughout the production. In 2019, the author published a sequel, The Testaments, which takes place in a later era than the 5th season of The Handmaid’s Tale and the first book.

“I want her to know it was me!” June is fuming over the montage of Fred’s death, June is washing his blood off her hands, and Serena is in mourning. With these words, June doubles down on her desire to take revenge on Serena and destroy Gilead. The threat in her voice shows how much the Waterfords’ abuse has changed her and the plot of season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale. This raises Serena’s threat level by reminding the viewer how much suffering she has managed to inflict on the tough, stoic and resilient June over the past four seasons. This is well done, and as a result, the later shots where Serena becomes a Canadian demagogue are even scarier.

Will June beat Serena Joy in the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale?

In the interview, stars Elisabeth Moss (June), Samira Wiley (Moira) and showrunner Bruce Miller promised more excitement and drama this year. June is waging a war against Gilead, and June’s conflict against Serena sounds like the main event. Serena Joy is a cruel and menacing villain who shows humanity from time to time, and this character brings a lot to the series. However, the fifth season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” should not depend on Serena for viewers to return to it again and again. The show could kill her and stay interesting for a few more seasons with stories about the Chicago uprising, Aunt Lydia with Janine and Esther, and the rest of the show’s expanding universe. Thus, Serena’s chances of survival seem uncertain.

June’s war against Gilead should make the fifth season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” live viewing, and the focus will be on the confrontation between June and Serena. The stakes are higher than ever, and Gilead’s influence goes beyond it. Serena Waterford is overdue for four seasons of retribution, so the duel can bring a very pleasant return.


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