1 month of Netflix for 0.05 euros or nothing


In March 2019 Netflix removed the free trial month option for new users, which meant that new users had to sign up directly and opt for one of the paid subscriptions. In May she returned and with a novelty: now it is not 1 month, but 14 days. Netflix reduced the free trial to two weeks only, so when choosing one of their plans, the service did not charge us for it until after 15 days.

The free 30 days of Netflix are back

This seemed like a new Netflix experiment, and one created primarily to remove the ‘trick’ of always having free content using different accounts every 30 days. At the beginning of September 2019, we find that again there is no free trial period. Or at least there isn’t depending on the country you live in.

If you enter this link on the Netflix help website, with the country of Spain marked in the box, in the paragraph of ‘About free trials’ it reads that these “are not currently offered in your country. To start your new subscription, you just have to go to Netflix.com, choose the plan and the payment option that best suits you, enter your email, set a password and start enjoying ”.

1 month of Netflix for € 0.05

We are now 2020, and again the Help page of the platform maintains that the free trial is still not available. However, and as a spokesperson explained to Europa Press, they are currently “reviewing various promotions in Spain to attract new members and offer them a great Netflix experience.” Therefore, and as if this were a lottery, you can open Netflix and find various offers.

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Being a proof of the company, the promotion displayed may vary depending on the browser used, the device or the time of day. Thus, the main page may well not show any reference to said promotion or even show a message in which it offers 30 days for 0.05 euros. It seems that the offers are:

  • Netflix 1 month at € 0.05
  • Netflix 1 month at € 0.99
  • Netflix 1 month at € 3.99
  • Netflix 1 month with no initial offer


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