1 million YouTube videos removed! Here’s why


The world’s most popular video content site has decided to take down 1 million YouTube videos. The platform is the Internet’s largest video resource, with over 2 billion monthly users. But due to the massive scale of Google’s service, it’s hard to put the number in context.

What we do know is that the platform has been grappling with different kinds of misinformation for years. Conspiracy theories, discrimination; such as hate and harassment, child abuse and exploitation, or mass murder videos. So, what could be the reason for this last decision?

Thousands of YouTube videos stuck in COVID-19 precaution

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, explained in his blog post that since February 2020, YouTube has removed dangerous coronavirus content such as false cures or false claims. They deleted 1 million content related to these from the platform.

That number doubles the total number of videos the company has removed since the start of the pandemic. In January, YouTube removed more than 500,000 videos due to misinformation about COVID-19. However, the platform does not disclose how many videos have been uploaded to its huge library.

Also, the platform has yet to update its total video removal statistics for the past five months. Mohan noted that YouTube typically removes around 10 million videos each quarter.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other similar content platforms still don’t quite know how to balance effective content moderation with freedom of expression. Critics of YouTube argue that the company’s content moderation is still very inadequate.


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