1 million concurrent players after going free to play


The Psyonix title reaches extraordinary figures in users connected at the same time. It is now free on all platforms; console and PC.

The conversion of Rocket League to a free to play video game has resulted in a superlative interest in the crazy title of Psyonix, which this Thursday has surpassed the barrier of one million concurrent players around the world. Corey Davis, one of the top managers of the project – now owned by Epic Games after the purchase of the studio – has celebrated the information on his personal Twitter account.

1,000,000 players connected at the same time in Rocket League; play free

Specifically, the peak reported by Davis is estimated at 1,003,036 users connected at the same time. And yes, they all share servers because this change from Rocket League to free play with microtransactions also involves cross-play; In this way, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users are connected to the same servers and will be able to share progression, Rocket Pass progress, Competitive Rank or XP level. Of course, so that nothing is lost on the way, it is necessary to link our previous account with one of Epic Games.

In the absence of knowing how many users come from each platform, from SteamCharts yesterday a peak of 129,000 users connected at the same time on Steam was reported; In total, it was the sixth most played video game last Thursday. The million users connected to Rocket League also precipitated some server downtime during these first hours.

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