1 Ingenious Detail Proves That It’s Better to Call Jin Sola Still Loves Kim


The excellent Easter egg “Better Call Saul” proves that Jimmy McGill’s love for Kim Wexler is not fading — even in the Gene timeline. It is now confirmed that the events take place in October 2010. The black-and-white era of “Better Call Saul” is a chronicle right after “Breaking Bad,” where Saul Goodman lives in Omaha, Nebraska, under the pseudonym “Gene Takavich.” Since Saul left Albuquerque in a hurry and should be a completely different guy, reminders of his past are in short supply. Saul Goodman’s old house and office were littered with hints of Kim Wexler (table, landscape, tequila bottle stopper, etc.), but Gin’s world is dull and empty.

And now the audience knows why. “Better Call Saul” season 6 “Fun and Games” told how Kim broke up with Jimmy after their intrigues led to the death of Howard Hamlin. In the flash forward “Better Call Saul”, it is implied that she has not graced Jimmy’s life since Kim left Albuquerque and did not appear for the next six years, completely missing “Breaking Bad”. The way Saul Goodman surrounded himself with Kim’s stuff proves that he still loved her during the Heisenberg years, but one small detail confirms that these feelings still haven’t subsided on Gene’s timeline.

While Gene wanders around the Cottonwood Mall in the 10th episode of the 6th season of the TV series “Better Call Saul”, he carries a KC Royals lunch box. The lunchbox, first seen in season three, is a subtle but direct reference to Kim Wexler, who often went to bed in a KC Royals shirt in the chronology of the prequel “Better Call Saul.” All that remains of Jin’s former life is a small shoe box hidden in a vent, but by using a KC Royals bag—a team that Jin himself has nothing to do with—to carry his sandwiches, Kim remains a part of his life to some extent. . Gene clearly hasn’t recovered from their breakup and is actively looking for ways to feel connected to his ex-wife. In this case, every lunch break reminds Jin of Kim’s big nightgown. Although season 6 of “Better Call Saul” isn’t the first appearance of the KC Royals Gin lunchbox, knowing Kim’s fate means viewers now know what an Easter egg is—not mourning or grief, but love.

Is Gin’s lunchbox a better tip to call Saul?

Gene Takavich’s KC Royals lunchbox may represent nothing more than a visual reference to Kim Wexler, but an Easter egg could potentially play a huge role in the end Better call Saul. Now Kim Wexler has successfully hosted Gus Fring and Lalo Salamanca to relive the timeline of the “Better Call Saul” prequel, and the touching reunion between her and Jin has become the most popular theory of the spin-off finale. Assuming the couple had lost touch after the breakup, Jin didn’t know where to start looking. His KC Royals lunch box may contain the answer.

Young Kim Wexler grew up in Red Cloud, Nebraska, near the state border with Kansas, which explains her connection with the royal family. Since Kim’s childhood wasn’t full of happiness, returning to the Red Cloud after she dumped Jimmy doesn’t make much sense. However, Kim may have started her whole new life in Kansas City, where her favorite team plays – somewhere familiar, but also with a new beginning. The KC Royals lunchbox can help Jimmy figure this out, leading to a touching reunion in the series finale of “Better Call Saul.”

In addition to the intrigue, the Kansas City Star channel asked AMC back in 2016 about Kim’s KC Royals shirt and responded by describing this detail as a choice made with “thought and intent.” While this answer may have referred to how the T-shirt hinted that Kim was from Nebraska, did “Better Call Saul” hide the location of Gene Kim Wexler in plain sight from (almost) the beginning?


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