1 Billion Dollar Crypto Money Fraud in China!


The cryptocurrency project called WeToken in China is thought to be a fraud project just like PlusToken.

A major lawsuit was filed against the WeToken project, which was established in 2018. According to local sources, six people from the WeToken team are being sued in Yancheng, China. According to information conveyed by Dovey Wan, one of the WeToken team had connections with PlusToken fraud at the time.

This project, which promised to generate passive income to people, was operating until October 2019. According to the information conveyed by local sources, more than 200 thousand people have registered to this project within 1 year. But if the claims put forward in the case are true, a large number of these people have actually fallen victim to fraud.

Giant Accent
The WeToken project, which functions like a chain of happiness, had a total of 501 different hierarchical layers. Therefore, WeToken had a much more complex structure than other chains of happiness.

The names in the top layer of this chain; They are thought to steal a large amount of money from the names included in the chain in the hope of earning money. According to the sources in China, the managers of WeToken are people;

46 thousand Bitcoins,
2 million ETH
292 thousand Litecoins
56th Bitcoin Cash and
They stole 684 thousand EOS.
According to the Chinese police, the profiteers made by the WeToken team cost people more than 7.6 billion yuan, or more than $ 1 billion.


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