1 Best Shooter: The Maverick Scene Perfectly Solves Tom Cruise’s Star Problem


Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for Top Gun: Maverick.

The new “Best Shooter: Maverick” is Tom Cruise’s magnificent return to form at the box office, but one scene from the film perfectly captures the aging actor’s current problem as an action star. With the new “Best Shooter” breaking almost all box office records, there’s no doubt that Tom Cruise still holds it—even though he’s almost 60 years old. standing” (via The Wrap) can continue, it’s more relevant now than ever before. Given his age and the physical exertion that his roles usually require, it remains to be seen how long Tom Cruise will be able to continue producing blockbuster after blockbuster, continue performing stunts that will make even the most seasoned stuntmen shudder, and maintain resilience and perseverance. it is necessary that both of these things happen.

The problem is so obvious that it is even referenced in Top Gun: Maverick, intentionally or not. In fact, there are quite a few mentions of Tom Cruise himself in the film, and even the last plane has a deeper connection with Tom Cruise than many people think — in fact, it’s the actor’s own P-51 Mustang, and he even flew it for the scene. So it’s no surprise that one scene in particular goes so far as to touch on Tom Cruise’s unique position as an action star.

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The scene in question takes place after the test flight of Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell at the beginning of Top Gun: Maverick. The test, involving a hypersonic jet prototype called Darkstar, ends with a daredevil pilot ejecting from his plane before it explodes over the stratosphere. After that, he is punished for reckless behavior by Admiral Chester “Hammer” Cain, despite the fact that the Maverick was moving at a speed of more than Mach 10, which is 6,732 miles per hour and corresponds to the purpose of the mission. Cain, however, is not impressed and calls the Maverick part of an “endangered breed.” This seemingly fleeting remark not only highlights the role of Maverick in the narrative of “The Best Shooter 2”, but also emphatically defines Cruz as an increasingly rare type of actor — a real blockbuster superstar specializing in entertainment.

In the context of the film, this comment is addressed to Maverick as a fighter pilot, as his profession is gradually being replaced by automatic drones. However, there is a hidden meaning here, directed at Tom Cruise himself. In this meta context, Cruise is defined as part of a “dying breed” of action-oriented actors, most of whom are no longer the box office majors they once were. Movie stars in general have become a rarity in the modern trends of filmmaking, and action movie stars in particular are undoubtedly leaving the industry. There are several action stars who are still standing, and it can be argued that Tom Cruise is indeed the last of them.

Thanks to the fact that “The Best Shooter: Maverick” turned out to be better than the original and earned box office receipts, Tom Cruise proves that he is still a profitable actor and an extraordinary action star. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before his style of play really becomes a thing of the past. The scene between Maverick and Cain in Top Gun: Maverick seems to acknowledge this, but also ends on a hopeful note. When Cain reminds Maverick (and Tom Cruise) that “the end is inevitable” and “his kind is heading for extinction,” something magical happens. “Maybe, sir,— Maverick replies, acknowledging this before directing Tom Cruise and simply saying, “but not today.”