007: No Time To Die Earns US$6.3 Million In Premiere


007: MGM announced this Friday that 007: No Time to Die, the new feature film by the most famous secret agent in theaters, has become the franchise’s highest-grossing preview production.

With an impressive record of US$6.3 million (about R$34.7 million in direct conversion), the film surpassed by almost 19% its predecessor Specter (US$5.25 million), against 4.6 million of Skyfall and 2.5 million of Quantum of Solace. The results were calculated during the interval between 4 pm and midnight last Thursday (30), and also established the production as one of the best results of 2021.

Despite this, Sem Tempo Para Die follows behind the hits Venom 2: Times of Carnage, which reached US$ 11.6 million in its premiere, and Widow-Black, which even with simultaneous exhibition on the Disney+ streaming managed to register US$ 13, 2 million. So far, according to MGM reports, the international box office for the James Bond film is estimated at just over $150 million, with projections to reach $300 million.

Part of this success was largely strengthened by the strong marketing campaign carried out by the studio, which stamped the secret agent’s brands on vehicles such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Chopard, Triumph and others. In addition, fans are enthusiastic about the farewell of Daniel Craig, who will have, in the film, his last appearance as the name behind the protagonist.

007: No Time to Die is in theaters worldwide.


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