0.18.0 Update Releasing PUBG Mobile’s Miramar Map


Tencent has released its new update for PUBG Mobile for the Android and iOS platform. Update “0.18.0” brings important innovations, a new weapon and various changes to the Miramar map.

PUBG Mobile is a more lifelike mobile version of PUBG, released in 2017. The developers, who try to stick to the original of the game, manage to attract the attention of millions of gamers with the special events and innovations they add to the mobile version.

Tencent, who always wants to keep the game alive, has made significant changes with the updates they have created for PUBG Mobile. Now PUBG Mobile developers have brought another big update to the game.

PUBG Mobile’s new update has the code “0.18.0” and is available for both iOS and Android platform. PUBG Mobile players using iPhone will download 2.2 GB for this update and PUBG Mobile players on Android platform will download 1.97 GB. So what changes will PUBG Mobile host as a result of this update?

Refreshing Miramar map
The 0.18.0 version of PUBG Mobile brings some innovations to Miramar, the second map of the PUBG legend. These innovations include a river added to the north of the map and a new historical relic site. The developer team will also offer gamers a more fun experience with the new race tracks added to Miramar. Mirado, one of the fastest vehicles in the game, will also be featured in the new Miramar with its gold color.

The Tencent team calls PUBG Mobile’s update for the Miramar map as “Mad Miramar”. The update adds vending machines throughout the map, in addition to all the innovations we have just mentioned. Players can have critical equipment such as pain relievers and energy drinks using these machines.

In addition to the Miramar map, the update brings several innovations, such as co-op, P90 gun, a new anti-cheat system. However, it is an indisputable fact that the most popular thing for gamers will be the renewed Miramar map. In the meantime, we recommend that you update the game as soon as possible. Because if you update before May 13; You will earn 1 radio, 2,888 BP and a special backpack.

Promotional video prepared for PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 update


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