Margot Robbie And Cara Delevigne Have Scary Paparazzi Scuffle Abroad, Resulting In A Hospitalization


The ambush turned what was supposed to be a regular Uber into something much more serious.

Paparazzi are almost always present where stars like Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne appear. Whether it’s advertising new movie releases or just chatting with friends, it usually doesn’t take long for the moment to be spoiled by those who want to take a picture. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Argentina led to the fact that Robbie and Delevingne tried to escape from the place of such a meeting, as a result of which the offending photographer was hospitalized.

According to TMZ, it all happened in Buenos Aires when the two actors were leaving the restaurant together. Presumably, Pedro Orquera’s paparazzi ambushed an Uber that was picking up Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne from their lunch, and started taking a flurry of photos. Delevingne made it to the car, but Robbie helped out when their shared trip sped up.

This led to the alleged reasons for Pedro Orquera’s hospitalization. Depending on who you ask, one story says that Orkera allegedly fled the scene on foot and stumbled himself. According to Orkera’s story, he was allegedly attacked by friends of former actors of the Suicide Squad.

Anyway, the photographer was hospitalized with a broken arm and a head injury. Fortunately, his injuries were not life-threatening, and neither Margot Robbie nor Cara Delevingne were reported injured. All participants were relatively safe, despite the injuries sustained by the operator.

This latest incident occurred shortly after an allegedly distraught Margot Robbie, who visited her friend and former partner in the film. The recent debut of Cara Delevingne as a participant in the second season of the Hulu series “Only murders in construction” coincided with rumors that she allegedly needs rehabilitation, so times for the model and actor are both exciting and allegedly difficult. This is never a good moment for incidents like what has been told, but the timing seems even worse for Delevingne and her dear friend when such rumors are hanging in the air.

Despite all this, Cara Delevingne is still stunning on the red carpet, and Margot Robbie continues to promote the world with her big Barbie movie, which will be released in 2023. At the moment, all you can really hope for is to stay alive. in good health, and that incidents like this do not lead to further injuries to the stars or those who want to photograph them.

Fortunately, the entertainment world has something to offer fans of any of these actresses. Those of you looking for Margot Robbie’s next big-screen appearance can look for “Amsterdam,” which opens in theaters this Friday. Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne can be seen in the second season of the series “Only Murders in the Building”, which is currently being broadcast in full for you readers with a Hulu subscription.


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